Our Services

We provide a portable sawmill setup on your site with a qualified operator to process your logs into lumber. We also provide Consultants to help you plan your log to lumber processing project. A few hours with a consultant can save many hours of machine and operator time.


Sawmill EquipmentTravel, per mile (first 20 miles free) $1.00
Setup, each move26/16$55.00
Operation, hourly26/16$35
Operation, daily 26/16$220
Blades26 – 145$32.50
Blade Core Discount (Optional)145-$12.00
Setup, each move31/16$65.00
Operation, hourly31/16$40
Operation, daily 31/16$250
Blades31 – 154$39.50
Blade Core Discount (Optional)154-$14.00
Labor, hourly
OperatorLevel 1$50
OperatorLevel 2$40

The setup fee includes first new saw blade. The sawmills can only be operated by qualified operators. Operator Level 1 is qualified to load logs and do plain or flat cuts only. Operator level 2 is qualified to provide maintenance and some repairs to the sawmill. Operator level 2 is also qualified for more complex cuts like Quartersawing.